NDCil Video (November 2023)

We are very proud of the video that NDCil submitted to the ERA-Net NEURON “The Story of Our Research” video competition for young researchers. Five researchers from three groups participated in the video! Great work Karen Lange, Lidia Pollara, Emilia Filipczak, Elena de Gregorio, and Ludovica Brunetti!

NDCil – Unlocking the secrets of neurodevelopmental ciliopathies

Annual Meeting (July 2023)

Members from each research unit met in Dublin to share research updates, coordinate collaborative efforts, and plan for the next year. It was a very productive meeting although we could have done without the rain!

Kick-off meeting (July 2022)
Representatives from each research unit braved the Italian summer heat and met in Pavia to organise the collaboration, share methods, set up working groups, and engage in insightful discussions.

A group of people posing in front of an Italian restaurant.